Aham Sphurana – A Glimpse of Self Realisation Ebook

Fascinating dialogues and stories of Sri Ramana Maharshi recorded by Sri Gajapathi Aiyyer in the summer 1936, at Ramana Ashram. This book contains a selection from the complete manuscript Aham Sphurana. This selection, a brilliant treasure, speaks for itself. Beside the detailed teachings on Self-Enquiry, Surrender and Jnana, it exposes a new glimpse of Bhagavan’s personal day-to-day life at fifty-six, in his middle age.


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These teaching selections taken from the Aham Sphurana manuscript offer a new rounded view on Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi as a spiritual master. Stories from daily ashram life unveil his multifaceted nature and profound power in ways not previously offered to the public. 

Bhagavan, born in 1879, is one of the most famous and most recent of India’s wealth of sages, saints and spiritual Masters. As a young man of sixteen, he had a spontaneous awakening. He left his home in Madurai and made his way to Tiruvannamalai and the holy mountain, Arunachala. Here he lived and taught until he left his body in 1950. 

We would like to encourage the reader to be open for an adventure in Silence, for a fresh perspective on Bhagavan’s day-to-day life and for your own deep inner transformation from his detailed teachings on Self-Enquiry, Surrender and Jnana. This Selection of Teachings is a treasure for all devotees of Bhagavan. 




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Sri Ramana Maharshi


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1 review for Aham Sphurana – A Glimpse of Self Realisation Ebook

  1. Rafael

    Great, Great, Great. Excellent job formatting and selecting from the huge manuscript.
    Read through the first couple of chapters, almost like touching down in Ramana Ashram.
    Must Read!! : )

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