Heart is Thy Name, Oh Lord

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Die Zusammenstellung von Fotos und Zitaten in diesem wunderbar gestalteten Buch harmonisiert Sri Ramanas Präsenz und seine Lehren auf perfekte Weise.


Ramana Maharshi

Доступно только на английском языке!

Moments of Silence with Sri Ramana Maharshi

The weaving together of photos and quotations in this beautifully presented book exquisitely harmonises Sri Ramana’s presence and his teachings.
In 1934, the first Westerner ever to visit Sri Ramana Maharshi had a profound experience and made an equally profound observation: For half an hour I looked into the Maharshi’s eyes,which never changed their expression of deep contemplation.
I began to realize somewhat that the body is the temple of the Holy Ghost.I could only feel his body was not the man,it was the instrument of God–merely a sitting corpse from which God was radiating terrifically–“God radiating terrifically” is the experience of innumerable seekers who sought the Maharshi’s presence then and now.The Divine presence continues to bring hope,solace,faith,inspiration,and genuine spiritual experience to people of all cultures and creeds.And if the mirror of our soul is not adequately clean to perfectly reflect that eternal Divine Presence,the Maharshi has also provided us with a simple,direct teaching to practice for opening our heart to the experience of the one self. In preparing this pictorial book,Bharati Mirchandani has exquisitely harmonized both these incomparable aspects of Sri Ramana Maharshi–his presence and his teachings.Together with portraits,which reperesent the many enhancing divine moods of the sage,scenes from the captivating environs of Arunachala,his blessed abode,have been interpolated to create a work of unususal beauty and profoundity.This subtle art of weaving together photos and quaotations in complementary manner delightfully brings home the Master’s message. All the other titles related to sri Ramana Maharshi are best sellers on amazon and this book is a must for every follower.

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Sri Ramanasramam (December 2004)


ISBN-10: 8182880297
ISBN-13: 978-8182880290


109 pages


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