Book The Pointless Joy of Freedom

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John David’s new book The Pointless Joy of Freedom is a profound and indispensable guide for facing the modern world with the whole wisdom of humanity at your fingertips.

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The Pointless Joy of Freedom

by John David

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Talks Inspired by Ancient and Contemporary Wisdom

John David’s new book The Pointless Joy of Freedom is a profound and indispensable guide for facing the modern world with the whole wisdom of humanity at your fingertips. A fascinating compilation of quotations from powerful spiritual figures throughout history, such as Osho, Buddha, Nisargadatta Maharaj, Ram Dass, Meister Eckhart and Ramana Maharshi. They have inspired the English spiritual teacher John David to give his own interpretations about Happiness, Spirituality, Mind-Body and the philosophy of being in the form of insightful, profound and humorous public talks.

“John David’s new book is exceptionally excellent, a masterpiece.”
Paul Lowe, Spiritual Teacher

“This book bears witness to a deep understanding of the nature of reality. It’s heart-warming, heart-opening, transforming and itself a work of art. Just superb!”

Also available as eBook. Click here

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7 reviews for Book The Pointless Joy of Freedom

  1. Artur

    Das Buch besteht aus mehreren Kapiteln, in denen einzelne Zitate vieler anerkannter spiritueller Lehrer erklärt und in Form eines Dialogs mit einem von John David’s Schülern in Hinsicht auch auf ihre praktische Anwendung interpretiert werden.
    Für manche reicht ein Satz oder ein Buch, um ein bleibendes Verständnis der spirituellen Botschaft zu bekommen. Für viele von uns jedoch bedarf es mehrerer Jahre/Jahrzehnte, in denen einige Bücher gelesen werden. Dieses Buch hat mich in seiner Vielfalt und einleuchtender Erklärung mit klarer Blickrichtung auf die unendliche Wahrheit positiv überrascht. Kein Wort zu viel und keins zu wenig, mit spürbarer Stille zwischen den Worten.
    Klare Kauf-, Lese- und Nachschlage-Empfehlung.

  2. Thomas

    Großartiges Buch von einem großartigen Menschen. Kann es jedem empfehlen, der den Mut hat sich solche Fragen zu stellen. John David schafft es auf subtile Art, deine Energie zu transformieren, ohne dass du merkst.
    Zweifellos aktuell eines der umfassendsten Bücher zum Thema “Wahrheit”. Empfohlen für jeden, der ernsthaft auf der Suche ist.

  3. Kashi

    I love everything about this book. First of, it bears witness to a deep understanding of the nature of reality. It’s written in a way that touches me deeply, it’s heart-warming, heart-opening and transforming. I have read a lot of spirit books but this is one of the best. It therefore has a special place on my bedside table. Furthermore, the book itself is really a work of art. Whow, really beautifully. It exudes quality, craftsmanship and creativity. I’ve have also watched the DVD with the same title as the book a few times. Just supurb!

  4. Franziska Ivy

    A beautiful read. It takes inspiring quotes from famous, and less-well known spiritual figures from history and puts them in a context of the spiritual journey and awakening. The author commenting on the quotes, John David, writes in a clear and simple way, which gets really to the heart of the matter. I liked the step by step progress of the book from ignorance towards to understanding on the spiritual path, the lovely variety of the men and women quoted, and the coloured pages with their bios. Overall brilliant content and beautiful design.

  5. Hans Rogn

    Another great book from John David. But this is on a new level. Lovely design, profound content. I really loved the quotes from different spiritual teachers that he draws on from history, how inspiring and timeless the wisdom of humanity. The topics spoke directly to me in my life, and I imagine can speak to people wherever they are, and guided me to a deeper understanding. Excellent. Plus there are amazing photo pages of the spiritual teachers and their bios.

  6. Timothy Clarkson

    John David takes fascinating quotes from great spiritual masters and and brings this timeless wisdom into daily life. It’s so simple, so easy and so deep. Very much I like the parts with the dialogs, where people ask questions, as they could have been my questions. John Davids answers are often very humorous and always on the point and made me see my own mind structures. I also like the short biographies of all the different masters, which are for me like a gateway to more. And the book is exceptionally beautiful designed.

  7. Jim Watson

    I really loved this book, as it is well-written and really helped me to understand alot more about myself, through the inspiring words of many great spiritual teachers and beautiful humans. It’s a brilliant guide into what it means to discover inner peace.

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