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F I L M   T R A I L E R

R e v i e w s

Thomas Schmelzer - Mystica TV

What is this Satori, this awakening, of which the ancient mystics have spoken, and which still happens nowadays every now and then? We probably can`t explain it - only experience matters - but the video technology makes it possible, at least as a spectator, to be very close to it when it happens. It happened with Lakshmi, who has lived since quite a while with the English spiritual teacher Premananda in Open Sky House, an open Art and Satsang Community.

The actual recognizable moment of "transformation" took several hours and was first, spontaneously captured with iPhones, and later with proper cameras. Through in-depth interviews days and weeks afterwards, Lakshmi dialogues with Premanandaa about what happened and what has changed. "Everything is like always. And everything is different. What can I say?"

All this is very authentic and touching, and yet it remains a mystery.

Sure, the film actually consists only of a few conversations with her and the pictures during the process ("as if she would give birth to something. herself"), but it is simply touching. It is great also that the spiritual teacher never occurs in the foreground as the knower, but just asks with interest, and explains a little bit.

Birgit Kratz - Spirituelles Portal

Satori - with Osho I had read the term repeatedly. Later also by other authors, who reported this overwhelming and transforming energetic experience. This video documentation includes a cinematically recorded live satori experience, which happened suddenly and literally in the middle of Germany in 2012. It happened out of the blue to Lakshmi, a woman who belongs to the community of the Satsang teacher Premananda.

To outsiders, what happens in a satori seems strange and frightening. Lakshmi is lucky enough to be in an environment where the actual context can be clearly recognized and where naturally the right support, and the right kind of understanding is available.

The people, who are close around her, realized what was happening to the her at the computer. Someone was so clever to record what is seen and heard from the iPhone. This is the beginning of this documentary.

As a result, there is a DVD that shows not only the processes in the affects of the woman and the support of the community during this powerful experience. In addition, Premananda gives a wise commentary on the events, insightfully and clearly.

The community film team accompanied Lakshmi in their "life after Satori" in her daily life. During this time Premananda asks her in the form of interviews about her experiences. Here Premananda is the questioner and Lakshmi answers directly from her own experience. And what she says, touches me and relieves me. Just as when an enlightened master is speaking. Totally natural. Totally human. Totally easy.

It is so relieving and satisfying for me to perceive the change that this incredibly intense energy experience can cause in a human. How much more beauty and wisdom can be revealed afterwards through a personality! Really amazing.

... and in the end the whole thing gets parodied by 2 clowns. : O)

I absolutely would like to mention the beautiful shots of butterflies and sensitively selected quotes about Satori, they give this documentary a very special magic.

What makes this documentary with me?
Well, I used to practice TM (Transcendental Meditation), and the Siddhi program was one of them, in which the Kundalini is animated. I had enormous fear, because there were many meditators who shook uncontrollably and just laughed or cried aloud. For me, that was just horrifying. Every time I felt like I was in a madhouse. What I see in this film, reminded me strongly of the phenomena that I observed in space flight. I've probably blocked out fear, rather than let any energy in me. It was a tough battle every time.

Now I see clearly that I, as a meditator really wanted to find enlightenment - and at the same time was terrified of the powerful energies. Well, after I let myself look at the documentation, I understand the context of what was happening around me at that time and in myself much better. And I can see with my eyes that such an experience may seem dramatic, but you can still stay relaxed - and then everything will be easier. As with childbirth.

Conclusion: A truly remarkable, carefully crafted documentary with attention to detail, about an extraordinary experience.


"I've always asked me what Satori really means and here you can see how it looks like - It's deeply impressing! But the question remains to me: "Why does it happen to very few people and what is the reason why it happens?"


"The Satori film was amazing and a fascinating point of view. I was overcome by a sudden happiness while watching it. Most enjoyable. Thanks to all! A touching and engaging movie.Thanks a lot to all producers. And a little bit of envy to Lakshmi. Well, if it could happen to her, it can happen to me one day, if my commitment is strong."


"A fascinating film. I've heard some reports about it or read about how a spiritual awakening can feel and what happens internally and in the body. It's really fascinating to be there very intimately through the film. It is clear it is an all-natural thing that happened."


"The film touched me deeply. Finally a documentary about a phenomenon that usually one only reads or hears about. To be really close to it, and see how an awakening or awakening experience happens in a remarkable way, but at the same time quite naturally. The dialogues which take place after that are very interesting. The normality and authenticity of the film touches me deeply."


"Somehow we firmly believe that an awakening or satori is only for great Indian yoga masters. This movie has moved me very much, because it shows that it can happen to each of us, even people in our Western, modern society. But what does awakening mean anyway, what exactly happens? This film shows such an event. Therefore everything appears as very authentic, and it is fascinating to see what happens to the body."


"Although the film is all done simply and without showmanship, it is arguably the most important film I have seen in all my life. Why? I can't really say - but if you watch the film, something gets touched very deeply. I have now seen the movie 5 times and still can not get enough. If that's not enough to justify: I've never seen a movie where you can watch a documentary where someone wakes up to their true nature. It's not some blabla spiritual stuff, it's really happening. As it is!"


"Beautiful. A truly unique and rare film. Very much appreciated and I am sure it will be valuable insight for many. I have never seen anything like this. Thank you. "


"The material is completely unique! I've never seen anything like this before. It's amazing that you can witness this spiritual happening from the comfort of your couch, and you get an enormous benefit just watching. The film is simple, and shows a raw power that is really touching to see. Thank you for putting this out into the world."

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