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About the Film

Through this film we want to address this seemingly increasing phenomenon where people suddenly and without cause, experience Spiritual Awakening.

However, the initial inspiration for this film happened unexpectedly and spontaneously, when a direct, profoundly energetic opening happened to Lakshmi. Those around her at the time, immediately took the chance to point an iPhone at her. Along with the incredible, rare footage we captured of the ĎHappeningí, we were then in a wonderful position - living together closely in community - to observe Lakshmiís life unfolding afterwards.

As a lasting shift from separation to oneness is never certain, there was a follow-up period of interviews and dialogues between Lakshmi and John David (formerly Premananda), which explore her life-changing experience of what happened on that day, and what she faced after in her life.

DVD PAL, 57 min
ISBN: 978-0-9570886-9-6
Price: 19,80 Ä

Language: Spoken English
Subtitles in English, German, French, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Danish, Polish, Persian, Hindi, Japanese

John David about Spiritual Openings:

Since I began sharing fifteen years ago I have met many people who have had a spontaneous glimpse of their nature beyond the mind. They suddenly saw with amazing clarity that they were not who they thought they were; they were not the body, nor the mind, but something profoundly present, peaceful and transcendent. It is often called a Spiritual Awakening.

It is always clear that the nature of such openings is unpredictable and sudden, it just happens. There is no real documentation of this subject, and it may be easily misinterpreted. One may fear that they are suffering a mental breakdown or some physical illness, instead of recognising what is really going on. It is actually a profound shift from the personal to the impersonal, from separation to oneness. If it stays as a lasting Awakening, the Japanese Zen tradition calls it a Satori, but if the shift is not complete then I would call it a Glimpse.

Quote from Lakshmi:
We think itís all happening like itís happening.
But we donít know anything! The Satori makes it so clear.
Then suddenly this energy is going in your body
and you donít have any control.
Itís just a happening.

John David
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