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Spiritual Wisdom offered in a direct simple expression to touch your heart.

You can call it Stillness, Emptiness, the Self, you can even call it God, and we can come to it just by being quiet. In that place there is overwhelming Love flowing like a spring from the mountain side.
John David (formerly Premananda)

Arunachala Talks consists of eight talks given spontaneously at John David's Annual Arunachala Retreat in Tiruvannamalai, South India. These talks begin the demolition of the prison created by the mind, removing anything in the way of any seeker who wishes to step out of the illusion. John David lovingly and humorously guides us to see that we are not the experience 'my life', but rather the awareness in which the experience happens. The talks discuss the effects of Devotion, Trust and Destiny, bringing us to Presence.

I came to understand the great value of Self-enquiry, as proposed by Ramana Maharshi. 'Who am I?' and 'Be as you are', are the main components of the message I wish to share and are the essence of the talks in this book.
John David

John David tells of a moment with his Master Papaji: The Self revealed Itself and it was seen that this was my True Nature, which had always been known. That meeting marked a total change in my life. Instantly the identification with John David and the story of John David were completely cut. From one moment to the next there was an enormous shift, which can only be described as an Awakening to the Self.

John David
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