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Papaji Amazing Grace is a book of fifteen profoundly beautiful and powerful spiritual interviews. They are stories of a housewife, a businessman, even an officer of a nuclear powered aircraft carrier. Each person, whatever their background, had the common longing to discover the eternal Truth of who they are. When this longing is strong enough a Master appears.

The interviews were conducted by John David (formerly Premananda) with seekers for Truth who sought out Papaji in the period from 1990 to 1997, when his old age finally allowed a community to grow up around him in Lucknow, North India.

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344 pages including 34 colour pictures of Papaji


'Papaji appeared in my life as a kiss from existence, pointing me at myself, That which Is. Eternal gratefulness. The interviews John David has written carry Papaji's fragrance. Enjoy.'

Isaac Shapiro, spiritual teacher. Author of Outbreak of Peace and It Happens by Itself

'In these interviews we have the good luck to experience some of the many varieties of flowers that flourished at Papaji's feet in his garden of Satsang. May this book reveal the bloom in the reader's heart.'

Gangaji, spiritual teacher. Author of The Diamond In Your Pocket and Just Like You

'Just like a small mouse suddenly come face to face with a playfully ruthless lion, on the day that I met Papaji, I knew that the game was over. He allowed no escape, no postponement, no wobble. Everything since that fateful meeting in 1991 has been a clumsy attempt by the bodymind to catch up with the vastness of the view he opened in one infinitely small gap in time. This book does a fine job of capturing the inexpressible: the mystery that was and still is H.W.L. Poonjaji. Read the words, and also feel the dynamic presence between the words, and through this book the lion may be kind enough to eat you for breakfast too.'

Arjuna Ardagh, spiritual teacher. Author of The Translucent Revolution and Awakening into Oneness

'A finder in his own right, Premananda has elicited the essentials of the spiritual search from seasoned, awakened seekers. Describing their personal direct experiences, the interviewees are shouting from the rooftops: Enlightenment is possible here and now. This book provides hope and encouragement by helping to clear doubts about the enlightenment process. It will empower every seeker and strengthen their resolve to tread their own path until it dissolves together with all stories. A profound, fascinating and joyful read.'

Madhukar Thompson, Author of Odyssey for Enlightenment

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